Building and Automating

Architecting applications for scale, front-end web projects, small scripts to automate tasks. I wrote my first program in visual basic, a simple paint-like program. I try to create something with any new language that comes out to get an understanding of how it works and the benefits it might have.


I enjoy some friendly coding with friends from time to time, as well as the opportunity to try out a language that I have never used before. My last hackathon was angular attack. We built an application for tracking climbing league scores.


Sporting leagues are generally tracked on paper and have not had an upgrade in a very long time. In 2010, my friends and I set out to build an application to change the way we keep track of our sporting achievements, and to gamify sports. Written in Ruby, Spielstarken was a self-funded startup that lasted for a little over a year.


From time to time, I am asked to make a quick website. It is a good way to keep up with front end web development trends. I have experience coding from scratch, wordpress templates, squarespace sites, and with various templating languages.