Product Design and Strategy

I have worn many hats at startups. My focus has always been on simplicity. I have helped build products on the web, for mobile, for enterprise. I have built point of sale, CRM, fundraising, and ecommerce systems. I have led major ERP and Logistics integrations.


Lead product team on several projects, including launching a site replatform, and rearchitecture of all company data integrations. Have led innovation among closed platforms including Netsuite and Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). Implemented full data warehouse suite for company wide data and analytics.

Mobile IR Shoppping Application (private)

Image recognition enabled shopping experience combining physical magazines and a mobile commerce application.

CTS Platform

Productization of legacy system. Worked on a small team to build a plug-and-play checkout, third party integrations, and an internationalization module.


LEAN management, from a handful of clients to hundreds of buisnesses running on platform. User interviews, focus groups, full data control and architecture. System spanned fundraising, box office transactions, and e-commerce with interesting challenges around race conditions. International application.